If your organisation has not used the Web App before you will need to contact us to create a group so you can gain access. Click on the link that says ‘Do you want to add your organisation as a new group?’ and you will be directed to a page that explains what information we need and where to send it. You will get an email response with instructions on how to proceed.
If your organisation already uses the Web App and you require access click on ‘Become a new user by by joining an existing group’. You will need to know the group identifier from your organisation’s group administrator. You will receive an email to validate your email address and the group administrator will then be contacted to approve your registration.
Once you have been set up as a user you will need the group identifier and the temporary password you have been emailed to log into the system. Click on the link in the email and it will direct you to the log-in page. Fill in your Email address, Password, Group Identifier and “Captcha” boxes. The Captcha is a picture of two groups of two characters with a space between them. It is not case sensitive so “aa bb” is the same as “AA BB”. In some cases it’s difficult to tell whether the letters are capitals or not; if you click on the image it gets replaced by a new one. Keep doing that until you get some letters you are sure you can read.
Please note the first time you log into the system you will get a message to tell you that you haven’t filled in your used profile yet, this will give you the opportunity to change your password and update your details. To do this click on the box marked ‘User Profile’ at the left of the screen once you have logged in.